Free 32-page e-book! How to set calorie and macro goals on a vegan diet.

  •  Why (and how) to track your food
  •  How to set a calorie target based on your physique goals
  •  How to set macronutrient ratios based on your fitness goals
  •  Pros and cons of the MyFitnessPal app
  •  Sample vegan food logs
  •  Step-by-step instructions for how to prepare a week's worth of vegan dinners in 60 min. or less
  •  Printable grocery list

Your guide to logging your food, calculating calories and macros, and fuelling your fitness on a vegan diet
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"With Karina's help, I was able to set a calorie goal that considered how active I am and I knew would support the physique I'm building. We also tweaked my macros to make sure they support all the ass-kicking I do in the gym each week. 

It was eye-opening to see how few grams of muscle-building protein I was eating before! I'm finally confident that my nutrition is fuelling (not sabotaging) my goals!"
Vegan for 7.5 years; fitness nut for 32 years
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