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A Decade of Deadlifts:
10-year anniversary and book launch!

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The Vegan Athlete book
Karina Inkster

Hey there!

I'm really excited to celebrate two milestones at once: the 10-year anniversary of my business, and the publication of my fourth book, The Vegan Athlete. My team and I have created an awesome online event we think you'll love. We hope you'll join us!

– Karina Inkster

Schedule of events

Join the event of your choice, or join 'em all! Everything is free, and everyone is welcome.


Friday, March 19

Check-in 'n' chat: 5:30pm PDT
Workout: 5:45 - 6:15pm PDT

Join Coach K and her cats for a 30-minute, at-home workout to kick off the anniversary weekend (and ensure your muscles are included in the celebration).

The workout will include options for all experience levels, and will not require any equipment.

Invite your lockdown workout partner-in-crime, someone who might be brand new to movement, or anyone who wants to learn more about Coach K’s training and see it in action.

Workout will be streamed live on Facebook and Instagram.

Make sure you join live to interact with Coach K and your fellow participants, and to be eligible to win some of our awesome prizes -- goodies from Herbaland, and copies of Coach K's new book!

(But don't worry, the replay will be available if you can't make it live.)


Saturday, March 20

12pm-1:15pm PDT

Can vegans even lift?
How do vegans get protein?
Don’t I need meat to build muscle?

Plant-fuelled athletes will never measure up to those who eat animal protein. 

This dialogue is not new. There has been significant growth in the sector of plant-based and vegan athletes who are thriving on plant nutrition and excelling in endurance and strength training endeavours.

Still, often within the fitness and athleticism industry itself, the capability or legitimacy of plant-fuelled athletics is questioned, criticized, and undermined. For once and for all, those sentiments will be addressed, explained, and dismissed!

The Panel brings together five industry professionals, ranging in backgrounds, experience, and accreditation, to bring truth to the discussion, offer valuable insight, and above all: break down some BS myths. 


Sunday, March 21

12:00pm - 1:00pm PDT

Ask, and you shall receive! A clients-only event that is part seminar, part Q&A, and part behind-the-scenes, join Coach K and Coach Z for a Sunday social.

Programming will include an exclusive kitchen tour and meal prep run-down, and a discussion around the top myths about vegan nutrition (and why they're wrong).

Bringing together our entire client community for the first time (ever!), learn more about different vegan/veg journeys, where people started, and tips that have been useful for them along the way.

Also: the opportunity to ask your Coaches anything you want.

Apply for one of our available clients spots before Sunday, March 21st, and receive a $200 coaching upgrade -- on us!

Meet our amazing panelists

Join The Panel on March 20 for some serious B.S.-busting, and to ask your burning questions!

Melody Schoenfeld Pasadena, CA

Trainer, author, nutrition coach, MA in health psychology, lifter of heavy things, bender of metal, singer of metal, has been known to throw large rocks and hammers.

Korin Sutton Bay Harbor Islands, FL

Pro bodybuilder, master fitness trainer, nutritionist. Korin helps new vegans learn nutrition and lose fat. He’s been vegan for 9 years and served in the military for 8 years.

Muzammil Ahmad Edmonton, Alberta

3rd year medical student, MSc in psychology, certification in nutrition, and Bachelor's in business. "More times than not, we should be prescribing our patients with a healthy lifestyle over medications".

Daniel Austin San Marcos, TX

15-year vegan, championship winner in powerlifting. His book, The Way of the Vegan Meathead, shows you how to easily eat more than enough protein on a vegan diet to achieve extreme strength goals.

Zoe Peled North Vancouver, BC

Fitness coach, three professional boxing matches under her belt, marketing and community engagement professional, lover of kettlebells.

Karina Inkster

Karina Inkster Powell River, BC

Author of 4 books, host of the No-Bullsh!t Vegan podcast, award-winning online fitness and nutrition coach, 18-year vegan, and lover of chin-ups (and dark chocolate).

Awesome prizes available!

Register now for your chance to win

  • A $20 Herbaland gift card for the first 20 event registrants!
  • Every attendee gets 15% off the entire Herbaland website!
  • Two $100 Herbaland prize packs available to win! Live draws happening on Friday (The Workout) and Saturday (The Panel).
  • Win Daniel Austin's book, The Way of the Vegan Meathead: Eating for Strength, as well as a t-shirt from his Vegan Meathead collection.
  • Win one of two signed copies of Coach K's new book, The Vegan Athlete. Live draws at Friday's and Saturday's events.
The Vegan Athlete book

Herbaland is Canada's largest supplier of nutritional gummies: vitamins, pre-workouts, electrolytes, no-sugar treats, and even protein gummies!

We are excited to partner with them for this event.

Who we are

Hey there! We're the K.I. team: Zoe Peled, Izzy Pope-Moore, and Karina Inkster. We're all about veganism, health, fitness, and badassery. Our award-winning online programs help vegans worldwide live their healthiest, most plant-strong lives.

Karina Inkster (a.k.a. Coach K) is a fitness and nutrition coach, author of four books, and writer for several online and print magazines. She hosts the No-Bullsh!t Vegan podcast, busting myths and providing evidence-based advice to kick butt with your health and fitness -- on a plant-based diet. Vegan since 2003, Karina holds a Master's degree in Gerontology, specializing in health and aging.

Zoe Peled is a fitness coach and marketing and community engagement professional. She sits on the Board for PEACE (People Ensuring Animal Care Exists), is a Vancouver March To Close All Slaughterhouses co-organizer, facilitates events and community relations for numerous local vegan businesses, and founded the Vancouver Vegan Resource Centre in 2018.

Izzy Pope-Moore is the K.I. Communications Head Honcho, keeping the podcast running smoothly and sharing with our online audience awesome content each week. In addition to working for the KI team, Izzy is a Main Street Vegan Academy certified Master Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator, and works for Fraser Health as an Executive Assistant.

Together, we work to make veganism accessible to everyone. Our podcast, blog, and free ebooks and courses help new and long-term vegans alike level-up their fitness and nutrition. Those lucky enough to work with us as clients get one-on-one coaching, individualized workout programs, and team support to skyrocket their strength and plant-based nutrition. (Want in? Apply for one of our 4 available coaching spots here!)

100% free? What's the catch?

No catch—we promise! We'd love to have you join us to celebrate Coach K's two major milestones. Bring a friend, win some prizes, enjoy an awesome at-home workout, get amazing vegan intel from 5 panelists, and have fun!


We can't wait to have you join us! Please share this page with a friend, colleague, neighbour, or favourite barista. The more, the merrier!